Plan trip to visit Jacksonville

Plan trip to visit Jacksonville

Jacksonville in Florida, affectionately known as "Jax," is a popular tourist destination. Southern graciousness, communality, and food are still exercised with pride. However, while this city has such a wealth of cultural and historical heritage, it still has plenty of new sights and activities to enjoy. But the residents still believe in small cities, amid the high-rising downtown and high-rises office buildings. The comparison is maybe not so powerful and fascinating anywhere else in Florida.

This is a city of the water, and life is spanning across the St. Johns River and the sea eastward. Also, Jacksonville offers fantastic surprises. Few people, for example, know that Hollywood originally was Jacksonville. Before anyone in eastern Los Angeles had learned of the other Hollywood, it had been a flourishing film and development location. To book cheap tickets to Jacksonville, contact Allegiant Airlines reservations.

Why book tickets to Jacksonville?

Situated in the Northeast corner of the USA, Jacksonville, the most populous city in Florida, provides all the advantages of a resort town in tandem with modern life and southern elegance. It is still an excellent time to visit with mild temperatures all year long.

Museums are a definite benefit of city life, and they are provided in abundance by Jacksonville. An institution for virtually any traveler to entertain and teach. A relaxing, inspiring rest from the city life is provided in the Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens. At the Museum of Modern Art in Jacksonville, you can find more unforgettable art. Or give the Museum of Science and History a new way of thought to your artistic fancy. MOSH is schooling, yes, but for children and adults, it's also engaging and enjoyable.

You are pressured to pick between major cities or the coastal speed in some other regions; Jacksonville is not like that. You're never far from the water, regardless of whether your present vision is skyscrapers or saw grass. This is a trademark of the area. And for all moods, there's a beach. Enjoy the lure of the tiny but charming town of the Atlantic and the Neptune beaches or the Huguenot Park's slower speed, or the Mickler's Landing.

Hanna Park provides plenty of opportunities in a beautiful coastal setting with 20 miles of hiking or bike trails. However, it is just 447 of thousands of acres of area parks. Jacksonville has seven national parks and two national parks, along with the 400-plus parks in the region.

Top sites to visit in Jacksonville?

  • Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens
  • The Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Kingsley Plantation
  • Florida Theatre
  • Fort George Island Cultural State Park

What is the best time to visit Jacksonville?

From March to May and September to November are the best times to visit Jacksonville. During the shoulder season, the weather is fine, with fewer guests and fewer costs than in the summer. In northeast Florida, June to August is a peak season, with hot weather and a lot of sunlight attracting beach bums. On the other side, winter will see average temperatures dipping into the forties contributing to a decline in tourist prices.

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