"Don't listen to what they say, go see", proclaims a Chinese proverb. Well, that’s been said right. When we talk about this state, it's invariably advised exploring the magnificence on your own.

Any guesses over what are we talking about? The state prominent for its national parks and grasslands, with million acres of farmland, steering the U.S. in agrarian output, California recently docked the top spot in the Most Fun States in America ranking (as the studies suggest). If you are searching for cheap allegiant airlines reservations with deals and offers for your next trip, you have come in the right way. You can find tickets here at such an unbelievably affordable price.

The state is also home to famous cultural establishments and national parks entailing Hollywood, Disneyland, Yosemite National Park, Alcatraz, Angel Island, Kings Cavern National Park and the Golden Gate Bridge.

Kings Canyon National Park is home to the intensest ravine in the United States with a profundity of more than a mile and a half! Kings Canyon in Spring, Summer and Fall allows for ample adventure. Amazing panoramas and equitable climate mean that most areas of the park are accessible for guests. Throughout the park, there are incredible sights, challenging treks, and recourses to explore on horseback.

Once you get there you cannot miss Boyden cavern in just west of Kings canyon national park. Boyden Cavern is fixed in the subtlest river cut canyon of the United States, 2,500 m deep Kings Canyon. The cave is thought to be about 100,000 years old and excavated out of marble. The best time to explore the caves as the guides say is from the last Friday in April to mid-November.

The excursion opens with a luxurious climb to the cave along the Kings River with the roaring brook as background sounds. As soon as you get there, you'll be provided with a tour mentor and with a few requisites comprising sneakers, drinking water, torch and comfy outfits you're good to explore the cave.

Enter the cave and turn on the excursion from the bridge that will take you to the all the bounties of the cavern and the initial gorgeous work of nature you'll happen upon there, is THE PANCAKES ROOM visualising pancakes with syrup over them. Close to which is an UPSIDE-DOWN CITY with skyscrapers hanging upside down. Nature undoubtedly is marvellous.

The cave has a few canopy openings called the CAVE CHIMNIES and you can actually sense the breeze penetrating right from there. The chimnies are also credible for miraging the view of CAVE BAKING where orange-red light enters in the den and assimilates the work of science and nature.

This doesn’t end here travellers!! You'll actually encounter a tremendous HUMAN BRAIN, 50000 YRS OLD CHRISTMAS TREE, A WEDDING CAKE and all of it engraved out of MARBLE? This sounds insane!!

Be cautious of the bats! How can you evade bats in a cave!? BAT GROTTO is dwelling to the bats in the cave.

Don’t worry! Your licensed tour guide will decipher and demonstrate all these to you and many more.

And the climax is surely promising. Ending the voyage isn’t the best, right? Or is it? Well, here, it is! You can actually have a pick of coming out of the cavern on your own, without a guide, using an alternative trail, exploring the tunnel more, without distressing about not being able of coming out anytime! (BONUS! It isn’t a loop).

Explorers!! Mark the mindblowing cave down in your go-to list as soon as you visit glorious California with your beautiful family.