Airline Tickets

Airlines are a convenient, quick and user-friendly transportation mode in today's world. The time required to travel from one location to another has reduced drastically with flights./p>

The basic requirement to avail of the airline service is to obtain an airline ticket, also called a flight ticket. To board the airplane, the passenger must take the boarding pass from the concerned department at the airport, and attach it with their flight ticket.

The airline ticket is an essential document comprising crucial data about the passenger's journey. These are the passenger’s name, the airline company, the ticket number, the flight number, and the source and destination cities. Other pieces of information include fare of the journey, taxes, validity dates, refund, etc.

The passengers can obtain the tickets directly from the airline or via an agent. After the reservation process, they need to pay for the journey for the issuance of flight tickets.

Airline tickets are mostly printed, however, typed or handwritten flight tickets are also available in some countries. After 2008, the airlines under the International Air Transport Association (IATA) were not permitted to produce any more paper tickets. All tickets would be electronic or generated by computer. These are also called e-tickets.

Generally, all passengers who book the tickets do not avail of the journey on the flight day. Thus, to avoid wastage of seats, the airline companies generally offer more tickets than the available seats. This is called overbooking.

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