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All the flight tickets booked through our website are subject to payment realization. The company has full authority to cancel any ticket if the payment is not made before the scheduled flight departure. Every detail about flight reservations will be provided to the customer only when the payment will be made. We have the freedom to cancel any ticket and we will only be responsible to refund the amount paid by you at the time of bookings. The company also has the authority to make any changes in the existing flights. Also, the company will not be responsible for any of the below-mentioned situations:

  • Any death, personal sickness or accidents
  • Any damage caused to the traveler because of any reason that is not under the direct control of the company
  • Difference in flight departure timing due to any uncertain reason that is out of our control


All the details regarding the user�s personal details and other data are secured with us. No one has the authority to use any available information for any commercial purpose other than personal use. Also, you agree not to:

  • Use the website as an affiliate link for any other site without our permission
  • Making any false reservations by an unauthorized person
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If anyone found doing any of the restricted activity, then strict legal action will be taken against that person.


The company has full authority to suspend or terminate any of the customer accounts if any restricted activity is detected to us. Most of the times, the company will mention the reason for any termination or suspension, however, in some cases, the company has an authority of not providing any explanation for suspension due to safety reasons.


We�ve mentioned all the information related to the flight on our website and we have the authority to make changes in the content without giving any prior notice to the customer. The prices and other details about the flight can be changed anytime without any advance notice. It is the responsibility of the user to be aware of any changes before accessing this website. We recommend every user to go through the terms and conditions before using this site.


It is advised to get all the required information about the flexible policies and allowances related to an unaccompanied minor through the airline. We�ve mentioned some of the possible situations that may occur:

  • Few airlines do not allow the unaccompanied minor to travel at all
  • Many of the airlines charge an additional amount to allow the unaccompanied to travel in domestic flight
  • The airlines do not allow the unaccompanied minor to board in the international flight; however, there are several exceptions but for that, you need to contact the required airlines.


  • Cancellations made after 24 hours of booking will not be eligible for any refund
  • Only the cancellations made within 24 hours of booking will be considered for refunds
  • If the amount will be refunded, it will be sent to the account from which the payment was made
  • Cheque will be issued in case the payment was made through online booking
  • It takes around 10-15 days for the refund process to be completed
  • Banks will take some extra days for the refund to be reflect on your statement
  • The amount to be refunded will be decided by the airline
  • We accept the cancellation request only over the phone
  • We will not refund the service charge except in the case of full refund by the airline
  • In case of any dispute, the decision of the airline will be final


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